More Climate Resistance Around the World

Today is a Global Day of Action for Climate Justice. It follows yesterday’s huge climate march that was coordinated by youth involved in Fridays for Future and featured a speech by Greta Thunberg. I wrote this piece to explain how the climate movement has grown (and why we should expect to see much more activism at this round of climate negotiations than we have seen before).

Not only should we expect more activism, protest, and resistance at international meetings, but this growing movement will certainly also target their activism within countries–including the US. As I note at the end of my recent piece: “I’ve studied the climate movement for more than twenty years — observing activists in the field at protests, conducting waves of interviews with leaders, and witnessing firsthand their commitment and energy. This movement is undergoing a major change that is likely to lead to social change because diverse coalitions of social movements are far more likely to succeed in achieving positive change. For the climate movement, there’s strength in numbers.”