Networks of Engagement Around the 2020 Election

As part of the Indivisble Census, members of the Indivisible network were asked to indicate how they worked with the Democratic Party, Individual Candidate’s Campaigns, and other groups during the 2020 election. About half reported working with each.

Respondents wrote in about 2,000 groups that they had worked with around the 2020 elections.   Five groups were each named by more than 200 respondents individually: Vote Forward, MoveOn, Swing Left, Fair Fight, and ACLU.  It’s worth noting that there was quite a bit of overlap with the organizations mentioned in 2020; 12 of the top 15 groups were in the top-15 during both years.  The three groups that were new were: Fair Fight, Flip the West, and Black Lives Matter. For those respondents who reported participating with other groups as well as Indivisible, more than half of them (56%) reported that Indivisible was their “primary connection to the progressive movement.”  The following figure shows the groups that were mentioned by at least 60 individual respondents in 2021.

To look at how Indivisibles worked with other groups, here is an affiliation network map of connections to other groups that were mentioned by at least 100 Indivisibles.  The blue nodes are the nine organizations that were mentioned the most. Nodes are sized based on the frequency of mention by respondents.  The map shows that the network is extremely dense and is made of activists with numerous overlapping organizational affiliations.

Affiliation Map of Indivisible Network

To understand better the relationship between the different groups, the following visualization uses an algorithm that more clearly shows co-affiliation patterns among individuals.

Overall, this analysis provides clear evidence of the ways that Indivisibles worked across a range of progressive groups, which focused on a diversity of tactics, during the 2020 election.