Are We Drifting Towards Civil War?

Yesterday, I posted a new piece at Business Insider that lays out three reasons why America may be drifting towards a Civil War: first, the President and his allies have coaxed hate out of the dark corners of society where it had been relegated by social norms; second, the Trump Administration has cultivated a culture of untruths and alternative facts; and third; misinformed Americans have been emboldened to challenge the legitimacy of the US government and take up arms in the streets.

Although some have responded by saying that I am fear mongering and using the title (which the editors changed to ask if we are heading towards a ‘serious schism’) as click bait, anyone who is paying attention to what happened at the Oregon capitol yesterday can see even more evidence. With the President joining with MAGA supporters to call for a ‘wild protest’ at the US Capitol on January 6th, this is only the beginning.