Winning Elections takes much more than Winning Votes.

Today I published a piece in Politico about the youth climate movement and their important role in the 2020 election.  The piece highlights how, although they were resistant to Joe Biden as a candidate through the early primaries, youth climate activists are not part of the #NeverBiden contingent.  In my recent survey of organizers at Earth Day Live, all but one of the 171 respondents reported that they would vote for Biden.

The piece also notes that youth climate groups, which I consider the “connective tissue of democracy,”  have continued to challenge candidate Biden on their core issues.  Without encouragement and organization from these groups, it is hard to imagine they will encourage their members to labor in support of his campaign.

American Resistance documents how activists worked tirelessly after Donald Trump’s Inauguration to resist his Administration and its policies by marching in the streets, as well as working through progressive groups to mobilize energy and enthusiasm for Democratic candidates in the 2018 election.

Without the help of these youth climate groups to organize left-leaning young people to turn out, winning the youth vote in the 2020 election will be a heavy lift for the Biden campaign. Although there is no question that these highly engaged activists will vote, rallying their social networks will be crucial to overcoming Biden’s well documented lack of appeal with young voters.