Another January of Resistance in the Streets

This past week, we saw lots of resistance in the streets:  people turned out to protest the conflict with Iran at the #NoWarWithIran actions, as well as the final DC-based #FireDrillFriday around climate change, which involved Jane Fonda and her famous friends marching along with well known climate activists and engaging in civic disobedience.

Next weekend is the fourth anniversary of the historic Women’s March, which was the “spark that ignited the Resistance” (American Resistance, page 56).  Although demonstrations are scheduled across the US, turnout is expected to be much smaller. I provide some explanation why in the Washington Post today.  Stay tuned for a lot more discussion of protest and the role it is playing in politics today as we march towards the 2020 elections.

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  1. […] day of protest will not consistently turn out a huge crowd, given that it took place during a month where we have seen numerous national protests take place,  it does not mean that the American Resistance is dead. Rather, it means that the movement has […]