The Resistance Marches Again

On Tuesday, December 17th, the Nobody Is Above the Law coalition coordinated over 600 protests across the US.  On Wednesday, December 18th there will be a rally that will take place at the US Capitol.  I talk about what we should expect from these demonstrations in my recent piece in TIME:

“A controlled burn that is not likely to spill over into real disruption and potentially violent resistance. Organizers apply for permits and pay for legally required bathrooms while participants assemble with witty signs and follow approved routes. “

In his new piece in The Nation, Jeet Heer discusses the findings from American Resistance, concluding that “only mass protests can turn a narrow Beltway scandal into a massive anti-Trump weapon.”We’ll see what happens this week, but given the organizations coordinating this day of action (e.g. Indivisible and Move On), it’s very unlikely that any event will flare up.  What comes after the 2020 election, however, is still unclear.  I’ll be at the event in Washington, DC and will share what I find.