Resistance Continues Aiming to #StopTheBans

Yesterday, in response to a series of laws passed in states that restricted women’s access to abortion, people took to the streets once again.  A coalition of groups including Reproductive Rights-focused organizations like NARAL and Planned Parenthood and more general political groups like ACLU, Indivisible, Move On and Swing Left worked together on the #StopTheBans  day of action.  Over 400 events were held around the US (a great collection of images is here).

In DC, the area in front of the Supreme Court that was allocated for the protest overflowed onto the street with people joining the demonstration.  It is not surprising that this issue would spark so much outrage and collective action.  As I have found in my work on Persistence in the Resistance (with Lorien Jasny), one of the main motivations for participants who have turned out again-and-again to protest is Reproductive Rights.