The Resistance in the Midterm Elections

As I analyze the data collected through my post-election follow-up survey with participants in the Resistance in the Streets, I thought I’d share some early preliminary findings.

The most common protests attended by participants in the follow-up survey were the 2017 WomensMarch (68%) and the MarchForOurLives (51%).

As expected, civic engagement levels were high for these folks in the past year: 72% had contacted an elected official, 79% had signed a petition, 80% had participated in a boycott or buycott, 47% attended a town hall meeting, and 36% had participated in some form of direct action.

In addition, these activists reported working with numerous groups in the lead up to the midterm elections:  61% reported working with the Democratic Party in some way, 28% with ACLU/People Power, 30% with Indivisible, 36% with MoveOn, 18% with Swing Left, and 44% with the Women’s March.  Also, about half (53%) reported having actively worked in support of 1 or more political candidate during the election.

My next post will discuss what, exactly, participants in the Resistance did with these groups.