On Response Rates and Revisions

The final data for American Resistance–the post-election follow-up with participants from the Resistance in the streets–closes at the end of this week.  These data will complete the story of how people participated in the Resistance during the past two years–both in the Streets and in the Districts.

The response rate for the survey is currently 24%. Although this rate is consistent with online follow-up surveys, I am hoping that the final response rate will be closer to 30% (the follow-up survey I fielded 6 months before the midterms yielded a 29% response rate). In the past few weeks, I have noticed that numerous groups have been reaching out to movement sympathizers with information and requests for donations.  As a result, email outreach may be less effective than it has been in the past.

While I wait for those data to come in, I have been revising the manuscript for submission to  Columbia University Press in January.  The revisions are focusing in updating the arguments for each chapter, taking into consideration information from the inauguration through the midterm elections.  These revised chapters are quite different from the drafts that were posted on this site.  I’ll speak more about these differences in the future.