Follow-Up Survey is Complete!

I’m reporting back after fielding the follow-up survey with participants in the Resistance in the Streets.  The survey officially closes this weekend after 3 weeks but I don’t expect a huge wave of surveys coming in before Memorial Day.  I’m just hoping that the small number of people who started surveys and haven’t finished them will complete them before (while?) they are celebrating the beginning of the summer.

Whatever happens in the next few days, however, participation in the follow-up is very good: 28.7%!  There are many ways to calculate and report on a response rate–I have tweeted some of these issues but will not bore everyone here with it (for anyone who wants to geek out on these issues, it will be a long footnote in Chapter 3).

After the holiday weekend, I will formally close the survey and merge these data on what participants have done since they marched in the streets with the data collected at protest events.  By June 1, I hope to be analyzing those data, which are both quantitative and qualitative.  In a perfect world, I hope to have a draft of Chapter 3 posted and shared in early July.