Patterns of Intersectional Motivations Across the Resistance

” Why Are We Here? Patterns of Intersectional Motivations Across the Resistance,” which is an updated and expanded version of work that I first presented on this site is now available at SocArXiv.  The paper looks across the large-scale protest events of 2017 to understand the patterns of motivations that mobilized participants.

Similar analyses for the 2018 Women’s March is in the works and we will also run them for the March for our Lives once we have data to see how the patterns change.  With such a diverse range of groups calling for participation in the March this weekend–including the Hip Hop Caucus and Moms Demand Action–these patterns may be very different.

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  1. […] is comprised predominantly of highly educated middle aged White women.  We also know that many of them are motivated to participate in activism by issues related to Racial Justice and Police….  So, the question is whether they will join the protests in the streets in response to the […]