On the Anniversary of the Murder of George Floyd: More Evidence that White Allies Are Continuing to Push For Racial Justice

On the 1 year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd, I am releasing some preliminary findings from the 2021 Indivisible Census. As I’ve written elsewhere and documented with data collected from participants at BLM protests in summer 2020, and with data from the American Resistance dataset, the murder of George Floyd was a turning point for the movement against systemic racism in the US (see also the discussion in a new piece in Politico today).

The 2021 Indivisible Census, which closed earlier this month, provides more evidence about the ways that White Allies have joined the call to end systemic racism in America (note that the Indivisible network is made up predominantly of highly educated, middle aged White women). When asked what issues are motivating their political work, we see a clear shift in priorities for Indivisibles: many more are motivated by issues of Police Brutality and Racial Justice and fewer are motivated by Trump (who is no longer president).