Resistance Since the Midterms

Tomorrow, a coalition of progressive groups are organizing #CloseTheCamps demonstrations to take place outside local Congressional offices around the country.     This event, which was announced on June 28th, is the most recent act of national resistance since the midterm elections in November 2018. This figure shows some of the biggest protests since the midterms.  These protests have turned out participants in coordinated events around the US, in some cases, like the 2019 Women’s March mobilizing hundreds of thousands of people to participate across the country.


I’m happy to report that the proofs for American Resistance have been edited and resubmitted to the publisher!  At this point, the next time I see a full draft of the book, it will be published. I am in the process of scheduling events for when the book comes out.  Keep your eye on the  events page for a schedule of upcoming events.  Also, here are instructions to preorder the book at a discounted rate from Columbia University Press.