The 2019 Women’s March Makes it’s Mark

While my colleagues over at the Crowd Counting Consortium keep tabulating how many people participated in the 3rd annual Women’s March, once thing is certain:  the Women’s March continues to mobilize people to Resist in the Streets.

My new piece over in the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage, highlights the ways that participants in this year’s Women’s March were marching after having participated in the midterm elections in many ways.

Here’s a table of all the ways that participants in the 2019 Women’s March worked with Individual Candidate’s Campaigns during the 2018 election cycle:


At this point, American Resistance has gone to Press, which means it will be coming out in the not-too-distant future. I’ll continue to post here and provide updates.  Note that the chapter drafts that are available are early drafts of what is to come.