The Countdown Continues

In final days before the Midterm elections, I am just finishing up analyzing interview data collected from conversations with leaders of Resistance Groups that are working to organize resistance in the districts around the election.  I am currently revising the chapter based on these data (which is now Chapter 3 of the book on Organizing Resistance).

To get a first hand account, I’m also participating in the Last Weekend with my sister this weekend.  The experience will  provide some real world experience/observations from the work in the trenches of the districts right before the election.

I have also finalized the follow-up survey that I will field next week after the election.  If you were surveyed out in the streets at one of the big protest events, expect to hear from me on Thursday.  The survey is short but will provide extremely valuable information about how participants in the Resistance in the Streets participated in the Resistance in the Districts and the degree to which (and how) they connected with Resistance Groups to do their work.

After the survey closes at the end of this month, all of the data collection for my book about the American Resistance will be complete.  My plan is to submit the fully revised chapters to Columbia University Press for publication before the spring semester begins.