19 Days and Counting…

While everyone focuses on different aspects of the upcoming midterms, I’m spending my time coding data from interviews I conducted last week with leaders of Resistance Groups.  One of the clear themes in the interviews is the degree to which the Resistance in the Streets has shifted to the Districts leading up to the elections in 19 days.

So far, my favorite quote by a leader of one of these groups is:

“People are still concerned. People are still donating money, but they are tired of doing sort of like flailing-type organizing…like Trump did this thing, now we need to protest. They are more interested in doing the kind of block-by-block electoral work, and in some cases, community organizing work…that feels like it has meaningful outcomes and will actually change the – like a bunch of people woke up.”

These data and many more are being integrated into the revised version of Chapter 4 of American Resistance.