Countdown to the MidTerms

Four weeks from TODAY are the midterm elections. In addition to determining what party will hold the majority in both houses of the US Congress, as well as local and state-level elections, the midterms are the end point for this study of the American Resistance.

Before then, I have a final push of data collection and analysis.  First, I am spending the next week interviewing representatives of ‘Resistance Groups’ to understand the work that they are doing a month before the election to organize Resistance in the Districts.  This component of the research is particularly important as civic groups and social movement organizations are the cartilage that holds together American Democracy.  In other words, these groups have the potential to channel outrage into longer term political work and activism.

The week after the election, I will field one final survey of participants in the Resistance in the Streets to learn about their engagement in civic activities including around the election.   This final survey will round out the project and inform the connection between Resistance in the streets and Resistance in the Districts.