The American Resistance Focuses its Attention on the Midterm Election

Attached is my draft of Chapter 3, which focuses on how individuals who have participated in the American Resistance–Resisters–are focusing their attention in the districts leading up to the midterm elections.  The findings presented in this chapter are based on a follow-up survey with resistors six months before the midterm elections in May 2018.  Like chapter 4, which focuses on Resistance groups working in the districts, these findings are likely to change quite a bit as we get closer to the election.   Given the findings from the follow-up survey, there are clear opportunities for groups and political candidates to think about what issues are most important to resistors (and potentially effective for mobilizing people to get more involved).  In addition, Chapter 3 provides thoughts about what to expect from the American Resistance after the midterm elections in November 2018.


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  1. […] People’s Climate March, and the March for Our Lives. Overall, there is clear evidence that the Resistance redirected its attention from the streets to the districts to fight for Democrats to win in the 2018 midterm elections.  Participants identified electoral […]