Breaking up the Resistance in the Districts

I write with some major changes to the structure of American Resistance (the book project, not the movement):  While doing the fieldwork collecting data with protesters at various events and interviewing so-called Resistance Groups about their work in the districts, I realized that there was a missing piece to this puzzle.

As a result, I am breaking the Resistance in the Districts chapter into two:  one chapter about individual resistance and the other about the groups that are working to organize this resistance.

Organizing Resistance in the Districts, which will now be chapter 4 in the book, will go live VERY SOON (before the end of the month).   The newly added chapter on individual resistance will be based on follow-up data collected from the participants at various protests since the Resistance began.

WARNING: If you filled out a survey at a large-scale protest in Washington, DC with someone from my research team (on our pink tablets) and said you were willing to participate in a follow-up, expect to hear from me in early May once my IRB Protocol is approved!




What to expect: